Hells Angels MC West Crew History

On May 12th 1977 a chance meeting between two groups of like-minded bikers was the catalyst for what became Road Rebels MC, Pembrokeshire. The night ended up at the now well-known Eagle Inn, Narberth, this became home to the Road Rebels for quite a few years although we did get banned on a couple of occasions.

Over time the club grew and evolved from teenagers riding British twins into Road Rebels MC Wales, becoming the first Welsh MC to put up a Wales bottom rocker, riding bigger, better bikes with 25 plus members. For several years the Road Rebels ran the Welsh Custom and Classic show attracting people and clubs from Europe and Scandinavia.

During these years there was a long and close friendship with Y Twrch Trwyth MC, now Hells Angels South West, going on runs together, parties together and members from both clubs living in the same house, at one time at least three members from each club sharing a house. There was also a long and equally close friendship between Road Rebels and Confederates MC Amersfoort, now Hells Angels Holland, riding through Europe on club runs. One time in Luxembourg the bar bill for the two clubs was bigger than the hotel bill.

In 1988 Bethany House was acquired as a clubhouse, the house dates back to circa 1750, it was in a very poor state but the club moved in as soon as we got the keys. The first job, set up the bar. Renovating the house, weekends and evenings until it became the clubhouse known to many for the parties and famous fireworks night. For me personally I got together with my long-term partner at the fireworks night, then 23 years later at the same party our son became a full patch Hells Angel.

In 2002 the club finally decided to join the Hells Angels. On November 25th 2002 Road Rebels MC ended, the last members becoming prospects for the Hells Angels South West on November 26th. Graduating to full patch Hells Angels on November 26th 2003.

HAMC West Crew was formed on January 8th 2005 by the last four ex Road Rebels, Paul, Richie, Gizmo and Berian along with Sid and Mal HAMC South West.

Sadly, Mal passed away on March 24th 2012. Paul and Richie are the last remaining members from the Road Rebel days and Paul is the last member that was at that chance meeting in 1977.

HAMC West Crew now have two generations of Hells Angels with second generation member Jack. In 2010 “West Crew Support Club” was formed with ex Road Rebels members Simon and Roger. HAMC West Crew still reside at the Bethany House clubhouse 31 years later.


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