POSTING GUIDELINES for getting your Guest Book Entry Published

We welcome comments on our Guest Book page, but please note that all posts will be checked before publication, so don’t expect them to appear immediately. Inappropriate posts will be deleted. If you are not sure what constitutes ‘appropriate’ then please read the guidelines below:

“The internet is giving civilians more and more access to 81 members and 81 charters. Gradually we’re seeing charters worldwide establishing websites with awesome photo galleries, event listings, and support gear pages. Charters are even taking to Facebook so that members and supporters have a place to shoot the shit online. Individual members are also popping up all over facebook, which gives civilians unbelievable access to pictures of club events and club lifestyle that we never had before. However, just because we now have unprecedented access doesn’t give supporters the right to cross the line and get too “familiar” with members or on charter pages. I see a lot of supporters getting a little too zealous with their support, including having the audacity to have prohibited images on their profiles, including the Death’s Head. Senior members of the 81 have been circulating a list of dos and don’ts to ensure supporters stay in line and don’t do anything disrespectful, even if it’s by accident.


  • NEVER – Post or possess images of Death’s Heads
  • NEVER – Use the words “AFFA,” “HELLS ANGELS,” “HAMC,” or “HA” in any form including text on pictures (and especially NOT after your name)
  • NEVER – Post pictures of Hells angels or their private photos without their permission
  • NEVER – Use “81” or “EightyOne” by itself in any way or to describe yourself. If you use “81” it must be used as “81 support” or “81 supporter” or “support 81.” This includes “workplace information” on your profile
  • NEVER – Use any term related to the Hells Angels that would cause a person to think you are attempting to pose as a member. “Joe Red & White” 

These guidelines have been in place for decades. Understand them and follow them. To not do so is considered a great sign of disrespect by Hells Angels Members and you will find yourself not welcome as it would appear you are trying to pose as a Member.

These rules apply to everyone INCLUDING: WIVES of Members, GIRLFRIENDS of Members, SONS & DAUGHTERS of Members, BROTHERS of Members, SISTERS of Members…. EVERYONE!

The above rules were developed by Ronnie Angel HAMC R’Side, Clyde HAMC Auckland, Flash HAMC Oakland, Dave HAMC Nomads NZ, Lucky HAMC Saskatoon, Tom HAMC Nrc, Heathen HAMC Newark NJ, Andy Corry HAMC, DAGO HAMC ILLINOIS NOMADS

Gordon Flash Grown from HAMC Oakland also suggests Please do not post any Support 81 with weapons, ie, pistols. This is not the image the Club wishes to promote

Request per Gordon Flash Grow L&R
* * * * * * * * * *

Dr. Dave from HAMC Kent went a little further with online etiquette for supporters. Below, he writes:

Code of Ethics:

  • Never question a member on what he requests or posts
  • Never be over familiar with a member if you do not know them
  • Never post up the Deaths Head or pictures of members or his colors, even if personal pics
  • Never post any YouTube or related videos in the group related to the club
  • Do not use the words Hells Angels , 81 or AFFA to show your support, use Support 81, SFFS 81 for this.

Thanks for your cooperation… Dr Dave, Hells Angels MC, Kent, England.

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